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11/16/2006 Joe completed work on an eight page illustrated story called Leroy. It is about a young girl inventor and her futuristic robot dog. Lerory is part of a 30 story compilation to be published by Harcourt Books School Division.

09/27/2006 Artwork has been completed on a new Swing Card™ for Santoro Graphics of London, England. The Santoro web site claims,"The Swing Cards™ are possibly the most detailed, well-designed and interesting cards you'll ever see!" The interactive cards come ready assembled with a space for your own personalised message. Not only do they open out to form incredible 3D shapes, but each card is also made up of a number of moving parts that allow the objects in the center to swing back and forth.

08/24/2006 Three long, sleepless weeks in August, 2006 were spent creating digital art assets for a very cool, soon to be released digital game called Smart Cycle by Fisher-Price.

07/21/2006 Joe completed two science fiction book covers, Robots and The WIld & Wacky What's-It Machine, for Harcourt Books which will be in bookstores in the fall. Both projects can be viewed in the sci-fi pop gallery.