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10/08/2007 Artist, animator and all around great guy, Milton Knight stopped by last night for a movie and a pizza. He graciously gave Joe a beautiful original ink drawing of his classic comic book cat and mouse team Slug N' Ginger.

08/24/2007 Joe completed artwork for Wilton Industries in Chicago, designing 18 concepts for party and holiday themed events.

06/27/2007 The Art Toy Alchemist exhibit at Artifact Unmundane in Anaheim, California received great reviews (see The O.C. Weekly article). The exhibit was nicely presented and showcased a variety of work by different artists from around the world. Joe's custom framed print of Ragtime For Robots sold opeing night.

05/08/2007 Joe Lacey is proud to announce his greatest commission... his marriage to Darlene Waddington, curator of Candy Wrapper Museum. The June 2nd Pennsylvania ceremony was filled with special events to treat and entertain the guests who conved from all across the country. No ordinary event could do justice to the immensity of their love for each other, so they hand-crafted theirs from start to finish. Darlene was recently interviewed in Swindle magazine, where she talks about the wedding and her candywrapper museum. Moog music master and composer, Dana Countryman has contributed a gorgeous custom wedding march for the ceremony. With all this and more, the Lacey-Waddington wedding and reception was the groove fest of the year! After the wedding, the happy couple traveled across the country on a whirlwind honeymoon!

04/08/2007 Work has begun on a line of holiday package art for Welch's Foods, Inc.' Sparkling Grape Juice. The packaging will be in store for the winter holidays and feature a festive snowman and gingerbread man. UPDATE: Click here to see art.