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12/03/2008 Walk... no, RUN, to your supermarket and get yourself the Joe Lacey illustrated holiday two-pack of Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice and Holiday PEZ! click here for pictures

Package Design Magazine said this about the artwork:
"The eye-catching detail in the design of each character and the wintry scene that they sit in make the packages come to life on store shelves."

This is the third year in a row for the Holiday PEZ packaging. Target has exclusives with more candy and some PEZ toys with "crystal" heads! Nice.

11/11/2008 Joe just finished creating all the art assets for a major video game due out next year. Over one thousand individual assets including full animations, toggle images, backgrounds and character designs were created. When the game hits the stores, the name and samples will be posted. The work went over so well that Joe has been comissioned to create another video game with work scheduled to begin in mid December.

11/01/2008 Joe has written and illustrated six Crayola Color Wonder activity pages for POPEYES Restaurant. They should be in stores later this year.

07/23/2008 Adam Nimoy (son of Mr. Spock), has written a book:
My Incredibly Wonderful, Miserable Life. Adam personally hired Joe to designed & create the entire website. Click here to visit his website.

07/14/2008 Joe created cool science fiction themed art for the new Jean-Jacques Perrey / Dana Countryman CD, Destination Space. CHECK IT OUT! You can listen and buy the CD here.

06/26/2008 Artwork for two tins and inside pages have been completed for Baby Tooth Album. Joe did a redesign of the original tin. The new tins are not available yet, but you can visit the website for more info.

02/13/2008 Work on a new Jimmy Buffet Cheesburger In Paradise Restaurant Kids Menu has been completed. An eight page activity/coloring book that kids get free at each meal, is the third in a series of Jimmy Buffet themed menus.

02/10/2008 Joe completed two new holiday package illustrations for PEZ Candies due Christmas, 2008 and Easter, 2009.

02/10/2008 Joe is working on an ongoing project creating art for children's play tents by Pacific Playtents.