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11/02/2009 A long month was spent working on a line of party goods for Wilton Industries. Can't disclose any details until the line is released next fall. In a related topic, I just found out that the Wilton Freaky Friends Halloween cupcake picks I illustrated were out this year. Here's a picture of them.

08/20/2009 My second kids menu for Firebirds® Wood Fired Grill restaurants is done. It's a four page activity book complete with an original story, jokes and games.

06/18/2009 SAUCER SCRAMBLE by Mattel® is in stores now! The design team and art directors at Mattel really turned out a cool toy! I created the art for the box, toy decal, product renderings and logo. I also designed the characters used for the plastic sculpting. It's a really fun toy! Larger samples are now posted in the Gallery.

05/14/2009 CD for 70s Florida lounge act The Trilogy, has been released. The music has been digitally restored and sounds great! It can be purchased here. I designed the website and illustrated the CD. If you love old lounge music, pick up a copy today and check out the website for some really fun photos and stories about the 70s Florida music scene! (More about this project here ).

05/08/2009 I finished an 8 page Cheeseburger in Paradise® Kids Menu. The fourth in a series of menus for Jimmy Buffet.


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