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08/05/2010 Kutztown University of Pennsylvania (my alma mater) has posted a very nice article about my work on their Illustration Concentration Blog.

You can read it here.

05/11/2010 I just completed another eight page kids menu for Cheeseburger In Paradise. The books are getting more and more detailed and I have been able to really pack them full of fun stuff for the kids. I will post larger images soon!

03/09/2010 Well, it took a while to finally update my news page! A lot has been going one, but mostly developmental/concept projects and a lot of art that I can't really talk about now. That seems to be the hardest part of this job... waiting until a project is finally published so you can tell the world.

What I can say right now is that I've wrapped up several jobs for holiday and party supplies. I should be able to post some information about it closer to the end of the year. Hopefully, there will be some project updates sooner than that, or else my news page will look sad and lonely.

Quite a bit of my PEZ Easter art has been re-used this year on a variety of packages. It was fun to stumble across them in the store.

I've been busy helping with a gallery show here in LA (not mine, but maybe someday), and the usuall day-to-day things- work, taxes and staying a step or two ahead of deadlines. Uh-oh! I realize I'm now behind schedule! Gotta go!

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