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10/03/2011 The Lee Roy Selmon's Kids Menu is being printed as I type and will be in the restaurants any day now! If you are in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, stop for some good food and a fun kids menu! LRS website
05/26/2011 It's been quite a while since I posted any news. Wow! This year is flying by FAST! It hasn't been for lack of keeping busy. Lots of fun projects, just way too many confidentiality agreements, which means I have to wait until the products are released commmercially before I can talk about them or post images. Hopefully, I will have some new stuff up by end of summer. Maybe some neat things for Crayola and Avon? Hmmmmm.......

In the meantime, here are some pages from the newest Cheeseburger In Paradise Kids Menu that I just completed. It will be in the restaurants any day now. Click on thumbnails for a larger view.


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