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wilton03/24/2012 I designed and illustrated an entire line of football themed party displays, door banners, cupcake wraps, stickers and more for Wilton®. The goal was to create a vintage looking, but contemporary design. Click HERE to see the art.


avon03/19/2012 I'm posting this a little late, but here's my first project for Avon: Avon® KIDS JUST LIKE DADDY & JUST LIKE MOMMY BATH KITS. Released earlier this year, it is now sold out. Each box had a fun game on the back. Click HERE to see the art.

02/17/2012 Avon® Naturals Kids are out now! Finally! After a year of keeping these under my hat, the line of Avon Naturals Kids Bath products are now on sale! I loved every minute working on this product line and designing the characters.Click HERE to see the art.
Go buy LOTS of them! ©2012 AVON


pyp01/30/2012 This is a project I am really proud of! I created art for 16 exclusive Target® only Crayola® "Pick Your Pack" promotion of 8 count crayons. Very soon they will be available at all Target stores nationwide with even more new designs!

Click HERE to see the art.


crazycandy01/25/2012 A fun little project for the website Crazy Candy. I illustrated a bunch of new and vintage candy dispensers as well as creating the animated banner and refreshing the look of the logo. This was a nice job to show off some of my product rendering skills. Click HERE to see the art.

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